Welcome to Lee Equities.

We are a family-operated real estate investment company with a focus on purchasing residential and apartment properties in Metro Detroit, Michigan.

Led by industry veteran Alvin Grier our leadership combines nearly 15 years of experience with helping people liquidate their residential and commercial real estate assets.

Let us help you sell your property quickly, and at a fair price.

We are your “one-stop shop” for selling property in Metro Detroit.  Period.

Are you:

  • In need of some quick cash?  If so, we can help you sell your house or condo in 7 business days or less.
  • A little more patient and looking to get as much as you can for your property?  If so, LaJuan can help you list your property on the market.

Call us today and get the money you need and deserve for your property.  (313) 923-SALE (7253)

From job loss, to the anguish of owning property long-distance, we help people solve their real estate-related problems.

We have proudly become one of Detroit’s premier property liquidation solutions in the Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties.


Our Philosophy

Our company was founded on the principles of credibility, professionalism and appreciation for the Metro Detroit area.  Specializing in the Western and Northwestern parts of Metro Detroit, we strive each day to become more and more of a valuable community asset one home at a time.

This business means more to us than just building a client list or making money.

It’s about building a legacy and living out our dreams, by focusing on helping other people live out theirs…

…it’s about developing a community of support and opportunity for our neighbors and partners.

Property-RehabThe late legendary motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said it best; “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

We believe in systems, and use them in every aspect of our business.  From property value and repair analysis, to acquisitions, to our rehab process, everything is systematized.

Systems help us create consistent, predictable, and profitable results, with little-to-no “unpleasant surprises.”

The systems we use for our property rehab projects have been created and perfected through the rehabilitation of over 50 properties.  Our systems allow us to buy and sell quickly and efficiently with each new project we take on.

Our intricate knowledge of the Detroit area has allowed us to make intelligent investment decisions in upswing neighborhoods with a rising demand for home ownership.

If you are looking to effortlessly sell your home quickly, or even join us in our investment initiatives, Lee Equities is here for you.

Our mission is to beautify and revitalize Metro Detroit one house at a time, and become “The key to your real estate dreams.”