Welcome to the current homepage for United Retrievals, a Lee Equities company (new United Retrievals website coming Summer 2020).

Get a Letter or Call from Us?

If you’ve received some kind of communication from us, that means we’ve identified that you (or someone you know) are entitled to assets that have went unclaimed.

Leveraging our nationwide team, we put countless hours into researching records to uncover funds due to everyday U.S. citizens — funds that they usually have no idea exist.  

Due to privacy laws, we cannot proclaim on this site exactly why they are due these assets.

Limited Time

Due to the laws in-place, there’s usually a limited amount of time these assets can be claimed before they legally become the property of the entity that is currently witholding them.

We encourage you or someone you trust to contact us today about this.  

…Just please remember that:

1. Again, there is likely a deadline we have to meet before the funds legally become the property of the entity that’s currently witholding them:


2. The process to recover the assets is indeed a process; it will take some time… Usually 60-to-180 days.

Please contact us today.  We will explain everything we’re legally able to, once we verify your identify.

Contact us by phone, text, or email; doesn’t matter.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.