Detroit Michigan Family Law Attorneys | 18 Keys to Finding the Right One

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How to Sort Through Detroit Michigan Family Law Attorneys

Sometimes we get clients that end up selling their homes due to a divorce.

Image courtesy: Dave Hogg

Let’s just say some of them didn’t have “positive” experiences with their attorneys.

Nothing against attorneys, but I just feel bad for these folks.

Mainly because having an attorney that’s not a good fit for you can greatly (negatively) impact your chances of having a positive outcome in a divorce proceeding.

I put together this post after doing some reading on the topic of finding a good family law attorney.

I wanted to help my fellow Detroiters improve their chances of finding the right family law attorney for them.

Let’s get started.


1. Are You Relaxed Around Them?

It’s vital that you’re comfortable in the presence of the attorney you end up choosing.

After all, you are going to be exposing some fairly delicate details on your life to them, so listen to your gut..

…that is, if you want them to get all the details they need to help you through the divorce with a favorable outcome.


2. Do They Specialize in Family Law?

You might want to make sure they are board-certified in family law.

The downside of choosing a board-certified attorney, is that they are probably going to cost you more.

But one of the benefits, is that they usually have a lot of experience practicing.

On top of that, to stay board-certified, they have to take some pretty complicated assessments (from what I hear).

Why It’s Important that they Specialize in Family Law
There are so many different kinds of law, that you probably want someone that specializes in family law.

Law is way too complex, and there are way too many different types of law to pick an attorney that doesn’t specialize in family law.


A fancy office doesn’t necessarily mean the attorney is a good fit for you. Image courtesy: Emilio Labrador

3.  High Fees Doesn’t Necessarily Mean High Quality

A high price lawyer doesn’t necessarily mean your chances of having a desirable outcome are higher if you hire one.

There’s more to it than just getting the most costly lawyer you can manage.


4.  A Nice Office Does not Actually Mean Great Quality

Same thing applies here that applies in point #3 above.

If you don’t understand why, keep reading.


5. How to Start Looking for a Detroit Michigan Family Law Attorney

Not sure where to start your search?

Of course, you do. All you gotta do is Google-it.

You can start out with a search for “divorce attorney detroit”, for example.


6.  Consider Whether or Not You Need a Specialist

Why You May Need a Specialist
Everyone’s life is a little bit different.

So when you are trying to figure out which lawyers you’re going to consider, see if they’re experienced (or specialize) in your special scenario.

Let’s say you’re a dad, and you’re concerned with custody concerns.

In this case, you might want to ask the attorneys you call what kind of experience they have dealing with these types of issues.

Or if you own a company, you might want to ask if they have encountered dealing with business and company law, in-addition to family law.


If there are children involved, you may want an attorney with experience with custody issues. (Image courtesy: Ted Johnson)

Don’t Settle

If they just say “yes, I have experience,” don’t be afraid to ask them for examples of cases they’ve handled similar to yours.


7.  Get Recommendations From Professional Organizations

There are some professional organizations related to family law that you can reach out to for suggestions, too.

Here are two of them:

  • American Academia of Matrimonial Attorneys (312.263.6477) or on the web at
  • American Bar Organization, Close relatives Law Area – 800.454.8432 or on the web at

8.  Martindale-Hubbell

Check out the Martindale-Hubbell.  It’s an attorney directory listing that contains the titles and biography’s of attorneys.

You should be able to find a copy at your local library.

Look for attorneys in the Detroit area that deal with family law, and go from there.

I know you’re tired of me yappin’, so we’ll pick up this convo with part two, coming soon.

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Or, just give us a call, at 313.454.1190.


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