Do You Make These Mistakes at Real Estate Meetings? Part Two

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Let’s finish up from where we left off in part one with the second way I try to get the most out of the REIA meetings I go to.

Click here if you missed part one.

 2.  I Shut up and listen

When I come across people that know more than I do in a specific area, I ask them questions, and then I shut up and listen.  


I’ll be honest; sometimes it’s still a struggle for me to just shut up and listen, because my ego wants to show the person I’m talking to just how brilliant and sharp I am (can you relate?).

But I’ve really worked on this, because I’ve found that it does two things:

Strokes the ego of the person you’re talking to

When you stroke someone’s ego, it often opens them up to “mentor” you in a sense, which gives you an opportunity to stay connected with them that you might not get otherwise.

I’ve found that people appreciate the humility you show by admitting to not being a “know it all.” 

This also makes you more likable, and it’s no secret that people are inclined to do business with people they know, like, and trust.

Here’s the second awesome thing I found that happens when I stop talking and start listening:

Allows me to leave the meeting with more “ammo” to go out there and make money. 

Just one tip can make a huge difference in your real estate business, and you never know what tip you might pick up that can take your business to the next level.  

You can learn a lot more being humble and listening to others, than you can yapping and acting like a big shot.

Let’s move forward with the third thing I do to get the most out of my time at REIA meetings…

3.  I Ask for business cards and/or contact information

Just one contact can change your life in this business, and you just never know who that person is going to be.

The more people you know, whether they’re agents or other investors, the better.  

Regardless of Whether you’re trying to find a buyer for a deal, or you’re looking for a deal, the more prospects and contacts you have, the better.

Again, it’s a numbers game.

And of course, you need to have your own business cards as well to hand out to your new contacts.

4.  I Write notes on the business cards I collect

And when you get those cards, write notes on the back of them that will help you remember the person down the line.  

Writing notes on the back of my new contact’s business cards help me remember who they are whenever I need to reach out to them.

For example, when I got a card from a new contact at a meeting recently, I wrote on the back:

“White, middle-aged man with gray hair.  Had on suit.  Sat next to me at REI meeting in fall of 2012, focused on single family homes in Pontiac,  Looking for equity partners to buy properties in Pontiac…”

Even if I don’t talk to that guy for another two years, I’ll be able to use those notes as a refresher on who he is.  

When you get business cards or take down the contact information of a new contact, jot down notes on who they are, what they had on, and what they’re doing specifically in real estate.

This will help you know the type of situations this contact may be useful for you in the future.

On top of that, those notes will help them remember you when and if you call them, which is just as important.

If I call this guy months from now, I can say,

“I’m the bald black guy that’s in the sports industry that sat next to you at the REI meeting in Southfield off of 12 mile..”

Do you think there’s a better chance that he’ll remember me?  Absolutely.  

OK, I’ll stop rambling, but hopefully I shared something that can take you and your business to the next level.

Till next time…


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