“How Do I Sell My House Fast in Detroit,” You Ask? Here’s How. Part 2.

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Alright, today is part two in my little series on addressing those of you asking, “How do I sell my house fast in Detroit?”

Click the link below if you missed part one.

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If you want your house to sell fast, you need to find out what potential buyers may find wrong with the house before they do.

Get Your House Inspected

If you’re like most people, you’re probably so used to your house, that you tend to overlook a few things that another person might see as something that should be addressed urgently.

See, if your buyer has an inspection contingency in the purchase agreement (and most smart buyers will), you might go through months of inconveniences accommodating people’s requests to view the house, only to think you’ve finally found a buyer…

…only to find yourself back at square one, because the buyer’s inspector or contractor find things wrong with the property that kills the deal.

Which, excuse my language, would really suck.

Moving on…


You Gotta Be Flexible

In a buyer’s market, the potential buyer usually has the upper-hand on you, the seller.

In a buyer’s market, it can be rough for sellers to get exactly what they’re asking for, unless they’re price is low enough to be considered an absolute “steal of a deal.”

So if you really want to sell, you might have to be ready to take a lower offer than what you’re asking for.

If you’re holding firm on your price, you might find yourself holding on to your house longer than you expected originally.


Consider Making a Video Virtual Tour of Your House

Now to be honest, I haven’t done this one myself, but we plan on implementing this soon with our own properties.

In a nutshell, you wanna make it as convenient as you can for people to check out your house.

For one, just like selling anything else, part of selling your home is just a numbers game.

The more people you can get to check out the house, the higher your chances are of selling the house.

Face it. People are busy; kids, jobs, and other stuff can and will keep some

The average home buyer begins their home search online. Image: Marinela

people from physically getting in their cars and driving over to see your house.

Nowadays, most people start searching for homes online.

Unfortunately, you’re not the only person that wants to sell their house that knows this, so even the competition on places like Craigslist can be steep.

So how do you make your property stand out from the rest?

Why not provide a virtual walk-through of your property that’s embedded into your Craigslist ad (or whatever site you’re using to post your property)?

Heck, for all you know, your video might be the deciding factor that entices someone to come and check out your house in-person that wasn’t going to at first.

And when that happens, it’s great news for you, because that means that the person coming to see your house in-person already has at least some level of interest and familiarity with the property.

Now why is that important?  Think about it; if a person comes to get a closer look at your house who’s already seen what it looks like on the inside before they decide to come to see it in-person already has a certain level of interest in your property.

This is awesome, because these types of leads can decrease your chances of wasting your time each and every time you open your house up for someone to check it out in person.


Include anything that can trigger emotions in your prospective buyers in your property ad. Image: sideshowmom

Get Emotional

No, not you, silly.  I’m talking about your prospective buyers. 

Let me clarify.

You should try to evoke emotion in the potential buyer when they view your ad about your property.

For example, let’s say you’re promoting your house on Craigslist.

If it’s close to a park, why not mention that in the ad?

Why, you ask?  Because that just might be the one thing that makes your property stand out to a family of four, or a single parent, for example.

If it’s a ten-minute drive to downtown Detroit from your house, why not mention that in the ad?  Heck, that just might be the one thing that makes your property stand out to someone that works downtown, or likes to hit the casino a lot.

If its….

You catch my drift. But don’t just think location when you’re “getting emotional.”  Amenities like finished basements, jacuzzi tubs, and anything else that might emotionally grab someone need to be mentioned in every marketing piece you have out there about your property.

That is, if you wanna improve your chances of selling your property.

OK, I thought I was gonna be able to get through this in two posts, but apparently not.  

Click here for part three.

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