How to Protect Your Detroit Vacant Homes, Part Two

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Okee-dokee, welcome back for part two of How to Protect Your Detroit Vacant Homes.

Click the link below, if you missed part one:

How to Protect Your Detroit Vacant Homes

Let’s finish up.


Don’t Advertise too Early

I know how it feels to buy a property and be desperate to market it ASAP!

But be careful, because advertising a property for rent or sale too early can cost

Be cautious about advertising your property if the rehab hasn’t even begun yet.

you dearly.

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Unless you’re going to be starting the rehab immediately, consider waiting to advertise the property.

If you have a “For Rent” sign in the front yard, and there’s no traffic going in and out of the house, you’re raising the risk of that property being vandalized.

At the very least, wait until the rehab starts before you start posting online and physical ads about the property.


Lawn Maintenance

Please don’t neglect the lawn and the bushes.

We don’t need to take much time on this one, do we?


Are You Covered?

Make sure you’re aware of whether your insurance is covering you or not.

Quite often, your insurance goes void after 30-to-60 days of being vacant.

It would absolutely suck (excuse my language, but it would) to have something happen, only to find out that you’re not covered, so stay on top of that, for sure.


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Light Timers

Now everybody and their mama that’s owned a vacant house has used the “leave on the lights” trick, to make it look like the house is occupied.

While that plan is definitely better than nothing, you’ll have a better chance of deterring thieves if you set the lights up to go off-and-on at pre-determined times.

That’s where light timers come into play.

And don’t worry, they aren’t expensive. You should be able to get one from Lowes or Home Depot for $20 to $30.

They’re well worth the investment, and can help you outsmart the “lurkers.”


Get a “Beware of Dog” Sign

Put one of these bad boys on the gate, andone in one of the front windows, if

You might want to throw one of these bad boys up, even if there isn’t really a dog on the premises.

you want.

For all “they” know, you could have a hungry, salivating pit bull in the house waiting for them to stick their heads in.

They even have some devices out there that will make it sound like there’s big, barking dogs in the house.

So if you really want to take this tip to the max, you may want to look into that.


Put a “Home Security” Sign Up

Hey, all you’re trying to do, is create some doubt in their minds before they mess with your property.

And these signs, especially when combined with the “Beware of Dog” signs, can do just that.

Even if you don’t really have an alarm on the house, put one of these signs up anyways. While you’re at it, stick one in the lawn too, if possible, to make sure it’s easily viewable by on-lookers.


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Do you know of any other ways to protect a vacant house? Leave your ideas in the comments below!

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