Did you just get contacted by us?


Good News: If you are reading this, it means we believe that you (or one of your relatives) are entitled to some unclaimed assets, possibly in the form of financial assets.

For your convenience, below are answers to the four most-frequently asked questions we get:


Question #1 – “Who are you, and how’d you

 get my phone number?”


We are United Retrievals, a subsidiary of Lee Equities Inc., a Michigan-based Better Business Bureau-Accredited company. 

We help our clients discover and claim assets that they usually have no clue existed before they hear from us.

We got your contact information from one of the many free online resources, like Whitepages.com, for example. 

Your phone number is listed as once belonging to either:

A) the person(s) owed these assets, or

B) one of their close relatives.

If you are their relative, we’re asking for your help with letting them (or their living heirs, if they are deceased) know about these unclaimed assets.



If you can help us notify the right people, please return our phone call or text message TODAY, at (313) 923-7253.


Question #2 – “What do you mean by ‘unclaimed assets’?”


Quite often, these assets are a refund of some type; in some cases, they’re tied to a real estate transaction that took place, at some point in the past.

Note: Due to privacy laws, we can not disclose the exact nature of the assets, nor their value, without confirming the identify of the person we are speaking with.


If you can help us notify the right people, please return our phone call or text message TODAY, at (313) 923-7253.



Question #3 – “What value do you provide?  Why do we need you?


Honestly, you “may” or “may not” need us.  That’s up to you (or your loved one) to decide.  

But it’s also a fact that attempting to claim these assets usually involves the court system. 

Thus, it can require paperwork, time, money, energy, and patience to go through the process of reclaiming these assets.  


Risk-free Process

We remove all risks for our clients and provide peace of mind.  We take-on all costs and paperwork required to contest for the unclaimed assets. 

Our clients never come out-of-pocket; we simply make a small percentage, in the event we are successful in claiming the assets.



Question #4 – “How does the process work?


We follow a simple 6-step process:

  1. Find the person(s) owed the assets
  2. Confirm their identity, and explain our findings. 
  3. We mail them documentation regarding our findings, no strings attached.
  4. If they decide to partner with us in retaining the assets, they can fill out our enclosed form
  5. The process to retrieve the assets on our client’s behalf is initialized. 
  6. Within 60-120 days, our client’s receive their check in the mail.**
**Note: the duration from start-to-finish can vary, depending on outside factors, such as the speed of the court system (if applicable), and response times from the opposing parties withholding said unclaimed assets.


If you know them, please help them.


Sometimes, we reach out for help from family members when we have failed to contact the person(s) owed the assets directly.

If you can help us notify the right person, please let us know today.

In these days and times, it makes no sense to have unclaimed assets sitting out here that can benefit your life, or the life of a loved one.


If you can help us notify them, please return our phone call or text message TODAY, at (313) 923-7253.