Did You Get a Letter or Call from Us?

If you’ve received some kind of communication from us, that means we’ve identified that you (or someone you know) are entitled to assets that have went unclaimed.

We put countless hours into researching records to uncover funds due to everyday U.S. citizens — funds that they usually have no idea exist.  

Due to privacy laws, we cannot proclaim on this site exactly why they are due these assets.

Limited Time

Due to the laws in-place, there’s usually a limited amount of time these assets can be claimed before they legally become the property of the entity that is currently witholding them.

Please remember that:

1. We have to act fast. (More on this shortly)


2. The process to recover the assets is indeed a process (albeit a process that we know well). It will take some time for us to retrieve the assets… Usually 60-to-180 days from start-to-finish.

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Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late.

If you (or your loved one) take too long to make the claim, you can lose the assets permanently.

Depending on your state, the agency withholding the assets might be able to legally (and permanently) keep the assets, barring you from claiming them, if we wait too long to do so.

“Sounds too good to be true…”

If this whole idea of “unclaimed assets” is new to you, or is unbelievable, we understand.

Sadly, there’s tens of thousands of Americans that are struggling to make ends meet at this very moment; not even knowing these potentially life-changing sums of money are sitting there waiting for them.

ABC News reported that a shocking 1-in-10 American households had unclaimed property waiting for them in 2012. (Source: ABC News)

Check out what some other reputable sources are saying about unclaimed assets in the United States:

Unclaimed Assets – In the News

State’s Unclaimed Money List Grows with New Release

BOSTON — State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg has announced the latest grouping of names that have been added to the state’s list of unclaimed property owners. Over 45,000 new properties worth millions of dollars are owed to individuals and businesses throughout the commonwealth.

Claim Your Free Money! Over $655 Million in Unclaimed Property in Miami-Dade, Broward

MIAMI — Florida’s Chief Financial Officer announced that there is over $655 million in unclaimed property in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties alone, and he wants residents to claim it all.

CHECK NOW: New York Owes Residents Millions in Unclaimed Funds

MOUNT VERNON, New York — More than $112 million in unclaimed funds are available to almost 200,000 New York residents in the 36th Senatorial District, lawmakers announced Thursday.

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Unclaimed Assets feature on ABC’s Good Morning America

Most of our clients inherit rights to unclaimed assets after the unfortunate passing of a loved-one, similar to the young lady highlighted in the below feature from Good Morning America on ABC.

Contact us today. Call or text us, 24/7 at (313) 923-7253, email (AGrier@LeeEquities.com), or use our Contact Us form.