Attracting Suburb Motivated Seller Leads

It takes more work to find wholesale deals in the suburbs, though.

"Bandit signs" don't stay up as long in the suburbs as they do in Detroit.
“Bandit signs” don’t stay up as long in the suburbs as they do in Detroit.

I say that, because the easiest method for pulling-in wholesale leads is bandit signs.

But for some reason, bandit signs don’t seem to work as well in the suburbs as they do in Detroit.  At least for us, they don’t.

Maybe it’s because the ones we’ve used were written and not printed. Not sure.

But I do know that the signs get taken-down really quick in most of the suburbs, so that could be part of it too.

Nevertheless, just know that you’re probably going to need some other way of attracting motivated sellers if you’re trying to attract motivated sellers in the ‘burbs.


Sorting Detroit Leads
Another drawback to dealing with Detroit leads is that so many of them are garbage.

Either they’re on terrible blocks or neighborhoods, or they’re framed houses, or have only 2 bedrooms.

I’d say about half of our leads are thrown out from the beginning.

It’s not that big of a deal though, I guess. Any business is going to be a number’s game, so it is what it is.


Sorting Suburb Leads

The volume of suburb leads are lower than in Detroit, but a higher percentage of the ones that come have potential of meeting our criteria.

Detroit police chief James Craig (Image: YouTube)
Detroit police chief James Craig (Image: YouTube)


Taxes, Schools, City Services

The taxes in the city of Detroit are ridiculous, especially for the poor quality of services you get for your money.

With 75% of Detroit schools failing to provide proper education, the education system leaves much to be desired.

Some argue that the police department in Detroit is in a state of disarray.

Budget cuts have resulted in way too many stories of firefighters having to travel over 20 miles to fight fires that were once the responsibility of stations that have been closed.

Each of these factors will impact the attractiveness (or lack thereof) of the property you’re flipping or looking to find tenants for in the city of Detroit.

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